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The winning strategy – Bandarq



How to play


Expanding your poker repertoire is always a good thing (like knowing how to change a wheel, knowing the various forms of poker always come in handy at some stage). And, if you’re in the dark about how to play Omaha Hi/Lo, then Bandarq you’re in the right place. Read on to become an Omaha Hi/Lo superstar.


Omaha High/Low is an interesting variation of Omaha poker that allows for two winning hands to share the pot; the best high hand, and the best low hand. If you’re not sure how to play Omaha, we recommend that you quickly read our tutorial here before coming back to this.


For a hand to qualify for the low hand, it must consist of five unpaired cards with the highest being no greater than an 8. The winning low hand is determined by the player with the lowest high-card if you see what we mean, and in the event of a tie the next lowest high-card is used and so on. In the event of a tie where the two Bandarq hands cannot be separated, each player receives a quarter of the pot.


Some more rules of …


Avoiding the Beginner’s Mistakes, Part One – Bandarq





Like any game involving cards, poker does involve a lot of luck, but if you are new to playing Texas Hold ‘Em, then you are also playing a game that takes a lot of skill.  This is the hot game in America right now, and as such everyone wants to play.  If you’re new to the game, then you should know that there are many common Bandarq mistakes that beginning, and even intermediate, players make.  Avoiding these mistakes like the plague will help improve your game dramatically.




#1 Mistake: Playing way too many hands.




This is the most common of all mistakes and costs rookies the most money.  This can be understandable.  When you sit down at a card table, you want to play.  The problem is you need to know hand strengths.  J-10 off-suit looks like a good hand.  It isn’t.  Not enough if you have to pay to get in, or if you are playing at a full Bandarq table.  Too often players will play anything with an ace.  If you have A-2, what do you think your chances are when another player holds A-K?  Card rankings exist …