Sbobet Casino – Produktivitas Samir Nasri Haturkan City Terlepas di 16 Besar



AS Roma mesti menutup perjalanannya dalam Liga Champions musim itu selesai tumbang daripada Manchester City 0-2. 2 gol dari Samir Nasri & Pablo Zabaleta memproduksi Francesco Totti serta kawan-kawan kudu tulus hati terbuang dr liga posisi terkenal pada Eropa itu.test1


Pada pertarungan di Stadion Olimpico Kamis (11/12) pagi buta hari tadi, AS Roma diturunkan dgn motif 4-3-3. Di belakang, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa dipilih utk mendampingi Kostas Manolas. Maka Davide Astori disimpan dalam bangku cadangan.


Komposisi lini tengah, Rudi Garcia menyalakan Seydou Keita & menyimpan Daniele De Rossi. Dipastikan pemain 34 tahun itu melengkapi duet Radja Nainggolan & Miralem Pjanic.


Namun pada penyerang sayap, Adem Ljajic dipasang bersama Gervinho. Performa cemerlang di dalam match sebelumnya, memaksa Juan Iturbe disingkirkan dr line up.


Di klub tamu, Martin Demichelis kesempatan ini ditemani oleh Elaquim Mangala pada jantung penjagaan. Sementara itu Fernandinho mengambil alih serta Yaya Toure yang absen soalnya sanksi. Tugasnya pada mengalirkan bola, dipermudah sama Fernando Reges yg dimainkan sejak menit pertama.


Manchester City mempertunjukkan motif 4-4-1-1 dengan menghasilkan Edin Dzeko sejajar penyerang tunggal. Samir Nasri tampil pada poker online terpercaya  belakang Dzeko selaku gelandang serang dengan dukungan Jesus Navas juga James Milner di ke 2 …


Helsinki rivals heads-up for Monte Carlo Millions

Jani Sointula and Juha Helpp, long-standing rivals at the Grand data hk in Helsinki, were the two left standing in the world’s most exclusive poker tournament, the Monte Carlo Millions.

American ace Phil Ivey had dominated the tournament since Day One and was the odds-on favorite among players and spectators alike. The final table began at 3pm with Phil in a commanding lead, having nearly double the chips of Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Vince “Vinny Nap” Napolitano in second and third place. It looked like at least one American would take home the $400,000 first prize.

But soon Chris was eliminated, along with Kevin O’Connell and Victor Ramdin. They were followed after the dinner break by Daniel Larsson, Krister Hanson of Sweden and Vinny Nap.

That left Phil Ivey to battle two Finns, Juha Helppi and Jani Sointla. Phil, who at one point had amassed $1.1 million of the $1.58 million in chips, made a move on Jani with an Ac6c and Jani raised from the small blind with a pair of 9s.

Phil moved all-in over the top and Jani called. The 9’s held up and Jani doubled up for nearly $300,000. The next hand brought more action between …


The more you play, the more pays



In February this is how things will work at bet365poker: You play a hundred hands, they give you $5. Repeat.


Simple as that. For every 100 qualifying raked hands you play at bet365poker in February, they’ll pay you a $5 bonus.


The maximum you can get is $100 on, and all you do is e-mail to claim your chips. You can get it in $5 increments if you so choose, or in one big lump sum.


The offer runs through all of February, and you can check how many raked hands you’ve played by selecting “menu” in the lobby and then selecting “raked hands.”


WSOPC event unfolding in San Diego


Cards are turning at Harrah’s Rincon Casino in San Diego as the World Series of Poker Circuit enters its second day of action.


Players already posted the $300+$30 buy-in to get in on yesterday’s No-Limit Hold’em event but for those who missed out, there is still a full week of card play ahead.


No-Limit Hold’em tournaments with same-day second chance events run at the casino today through to Feb. 18. Other events do pop up on the circuit …


Pot Limit Hold ‘Em –



If you’re a fan of seeing flops in no limit hold ‘em, maybe your game is pot limit hold ‘em. In pot limit no one can move all in over the top of you until the pot gets to be the size of their stack. In reality, most preflop raises are a very small percentage of your stack and you can see cheap flops and have lots of chances to outplay your opponents.


I started out play no limit hold ‘em, a little bit of 7 card stud, and now I play a mix of hold ‘em, omaha, and stud. My favorite tournament game is pot limit texas hold ‘em. As I said, I can see a lot of flops. It forces people to make pot sized bets a lot more often (making calling a bit easier preflop) rather than overbetting the pot a grotesque amount.


If you’re a good no limit hold ‘em player and make a lot of good post-flop decisions and reads you should fair very well in the pot limit hold ‘em tournaments. Steve and I have played in quite a few and we always seem to make the money with ease, and …



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Cucupoker Juga Merupakan Agen Poker Terpercaya Yang memberikan perlayanan yang terbaik para penggemar Judi poker online juga bisa bermainDewaPoker Serta bisa dilihat dari pelayanan kami selama 24 jam online hanya di Situs Judi Poker dan tersedia Aplikasi Poker Android dan Iphone sehingga Permainan Dewa Slot anda bisa bermain di Smartphone anda.


The winning strategy – Bandarq



How to play


Expanding your poker repertoire is always a good thing (like knowing how to change a wheel, knowing the various forms of poker always come in handy at some stage). And, if you’re in the dark about how to play Omaha Hi/Lo, then Bandarq you’re in the right place. Read on to become an Omaha Hi/Lo superstar.


Omaha High/Low is an interesting variation of Omaha poker that allows for two winning hands to share the pot; the best high hand, and the best low hand. If you’re not sure how to play Omaha, we recommend that you quickly read our tutorial here before coming back to this.


For a hand to qualify for the low hand, it must consist of five unpaired cards with the highest being no greater than an 8. The winning low hand is determined by the player with the lowest high-card if you see what we mean, and in the event of a tie the next lowest high-card is used and so on. In the event of a tie where the two Bandarq hands cannot be separated, each player receives a quarter of the pot.


Some more rules of …


Avoiding the Beginner’s Mistakes, Part One – Bandarq





Like any game involving cards, poker does involve a lot of luck, but if you are new to playing Texas Hold ‘Em, then you are also playing a game that takes a lot of skill.  This is the hot game in America right now, and as such everyone wants to play.  If you’re new to the game, then you should know that there are many common Bandarq mistakes that beginning, and even intermediate, players make.  Avoiding these mistakes like the plague will help improve your game dramatically.




#1 Mistake: Playing way too many hands.




This is the most common of all mistakes and costs rookies the most money.  This can be understandable.  When you sit down at a card table, you want to play.  The problem is you need to know hand strengths.  J-10 off-suit looks like a good hand.  It isn’t.  Not enough if you have to pay to get in, or if you are playing at a full Bandarq table.  Too often players will play anything with an ace.  If you have A-2, what do you think your chances are when another player holds A-K?  Card rankings exist …