Police chief supports casino plan

`Impossible to stop Thais from betting’

National police chief Sant Sarutanont agrees that the country should legalise casinos.

He said as it was impossible to suppress underground gambling dens, they should be brought out into the open and controlled.

Commenting on the attempt by Thai Rak Thai MPs to seek approval for domestic casinos, Pol Gen Sant yesterday said he personally agreed with the idea because it would help solve economic problems as well as security issues along the border.

“We cannot tell Thai people to stop gambling. Even when they are at the barbers having their hair cut, they bet on licence plates and banknote numbers. Most Asians like gambling. There are underground and mobile gambling dens. As we cannot stop them, we should legalise them,” Pol Gen Sant said.

UFABet Gambling was neither a serious evil nor an offence to others like murder, robbery or drug trafficking, the police chief said.

He promised police would act in line with whatever decision the government took on this matter.

“If the government agrees to open casinos, the police will keep them in order and make them benefit society as much as possible. If the government decides against it, police will …