Pot Limit Hold ‘Em –



If you’re a fan of seeing flops in no limit hold ‘em, maybe your game is pot limit hold ‘em. In pot limit no one can move all in over the top of you until the pot gets to be the size of their stack. In reality, most preflop raises are a very small percentage of your stack and you can see cheap flops and have lots of chances to outplay your opponents.


I started out play no limit hold ‘em, a little bit of 7 card stud, and now I play a mix of hold ‘em, omaha, and stud. My favorite tournament game is pot limit texas hold ‘em. As I said, I can see a lot of flops. It forces people to make pot sized bets a lot more often (making calling a bit easier preflop) rather than overbetting the pot a grotesque amount.


If you’re a good no limit hold ‘em player and make a lot of good post-flop decisions and reads you should fair very well in the pot limit hold ‘em tournaments. Steve and I have played in quite a few and we always seem to make the money with ease, and …