Gazes Boots 메이저사이트Made for Walking


메이저사이you saw them, you’d know that Kristy Gazes’ stunning Jimmy Choo boots weren’t made for walking.  Some opine that they are responsible for keeping Gazes in her seat deep into the money.  Somehow we think that skill may just have a little more to do with it.  But either way, there’s no denying that Kristy has been hot, hot, hot, this year.

In well under three months, Kristy Gazes has added another five cashes to her tournament track record and another $300K to her bankroll.  Specifically noteworthy was her 7th place finish in the Aussie Millions Championship – but also of interest has been Gazes’ performance in heads-up play.  It seems playing Gazes heads-up may be as dangerous as going toe-to-toe with those stiletto boots. Gazes was a force at both the Poker NetCast and NBC Heads-Up Championships this year.  Not only did she score two heads-up cashes, but she also won yet another pair of Jimmy Choos in a side bet with one of her heads-up opponents, Clonie Gowen.

We are big Kristy fans and only hope that the remainder of the year yields her even more bankroll and Choos.

Well it’s been a great past …