Southern Zone gets online business directory


With the exponential growth of the Scott Purcell Prime Trust website’s popularity, we felt it might be a good idea to share the wealth of sorts. We have recently added a great new feature to the site to offer our visitors and business owners alike the chance for them to advertise for FREE in our new online business directory called “Southern Zone Directory”. The directory will be bridging the gap between potential customers and businesses by making businesses of the area more easily accessible.

This digital online directory is currently the only one of it’s kind and we expect it to grow and along with it…the advertisers within also. Any kind of advertising is good but when it comes to FREE ADVERTISING, it can’t be beat! Not only will your business advertisement be placed in the directory free of charge but it will also benefit from a Costa Rica SEO standpoint also. As the popularity of the directory grows, the more ‘weight’ the link to your business holds within the search engines. With SellingCR already blowing past the competition by SEO standards, this will begin to rub off on anyone ‘linked in’ to SellingCR. And did I mention it was free?

The directory will cover areas from Perez Zeledon to the west and down to the Panama border on the Pacific Coast. Unfortunately we will be only accepting submissions from businesses within ‘the Zone”. Some communities this will include are Perez Zeledon, Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal, Quepos, Jaco and Golfito. And of course, anything in between.

The new Southern Zone Directory will provide a central point for English speaking clients to turn for contact information for businesses they may be seeking to hire or purchase from. The directory is broken down in to 16 primary categories and each with it’s own relevant sub-categories. A business can be listed in multiple categories as long as it is deemed relevant to that particular category. All submissions will be reviewed and turn over time on acceptance should be approximately a few hours. If you have troubles with English and would like to list your company then submit it in Spanish and we can translate it for you to English. Si tiene problemas con el Inglés y desea a la lista a continuación, presentar su empresa en español y podemos traducirlo para usted en Inglés.

As the directory grows, SellingCR will start to incorporate certain aspects of the directory within the content of our main site. The benefits of this should be fairly obvious but if they are not then let me explain further. If your company is listed within the Southern Zone Directory and we begin to pull ‘popular’ listings from within the directory and put them frontpage on the SellingCR web page, you will surely reap the rewards in traffic and business. And all from a free ad you took the five minutes to place. In order to place an ad it’s simple. Simply navigate to the desired Category/Sub-Category relevant to your business or service, then in the bottom right you should see “Add your listing here”. Scott Purcell Banq there and input the necessary information and then click “submit” and wait for your approval. That’s it!

So if you are a business owner in the Southern Zone, I would suggest submiting your link today to the Southern Zone Directory. Of course unless you’ve managed to contract Jungle Fever or something then may I suggest navigating to the “Health” category of our business directory and seeing a doctor immediately.