International QQWIN99 News

It’s been awhile since we have done a flag-waving round up of slot gacor news around the globe. Let’s take a look and see just how the various elected guardians of morality and fair play are treating our favorite game.

frenchflagFrance: Online-poker advertising in France will disappear, for now, after the inaction of a law calling for a minimum fine of €30,000 for any foreign-based online gambling within the country. This is, of course, a direction violation of EU trade guidelines but that has not slowed down the French anti-poker forces at all.

SwedishVlagSweden: They are going the “protect the public” route in Sweden. Again in violation of the EU open trade rules and in direct opposition to the well known Swedish rule of law that holds that people do not need to be protected from themselves. The underlying problem here is that Sweden has online poker but its a state-run monoply (Svenska Spel) and they want the revenue to flow exclusively to the government as long as they can hold off challenges from other EU states. Interesting that protection is not needed from the government gaming site but only from others.

maltaflagMalta: Some good news, Malta is gaining population and jobs as more and more online QQWIN99 sites set up their servers in Malta. The UK approved state is an ideal location considering its very favorable tax laws. Already a dozen online gaming operations are calling Malta home.

UKFlagThe British government said on Monday it was reviewing taxes paid on player-to-player games in casinos, such as poker, where gamblers’ so-called participation fees are subject to VAT but not gaming duty. Most gaming activities are subject to only the VAT but some confusion has had poker players taxed double. It appears that will be remedied soon. A Treasury spokesman said no date had been set for reporting on the review, but tax changes were typically announced in the pre-budget report due in October.

saflagSouth Africa: The SAparliament passed the National Gambling Amendment bill which aims to regulate online gaming, including poker. The bill, sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry, stipulates that online gaming vendors would have to obtain a national license and locate their servers and records within South Africa.

Operators will also have to verify the identity and age of all customers, ensuring they are over 18, and facilitate a customer nominated bank account to handle gaming transactions. Better than a ban yes but requiring servers in each country that adopts such laws shows a incredible lack of understanding of the cyber economy.

irelandflagIreland: Having stayed out of the legal debate over online gaming, Ireland has also prevented itself from becoming the home to dozens of gaming companies and their money making servers. It appears at least some politicians have recognized this and are now moving to make Ireland “online gaming friendly.”

Tiltware the software behind Full Tilt Poker is already in Ireland as are

Paddy Power and Boyle Sports.