Health News: Skin Moisturizers Cause Skin Cancer

Today best skin care formula for all skin is the Moisturizing creams researches shows that about 90% women of the world uses moisturizing creams for daily skin care but you know that sometimes this way of skin care by moisturizing cream will affect your skin at a very high extent that is may cause skin cancer.

Surprised your beauty product will be very dangerous for you not all but in some situation. Some skin care moisturizing creams especially designed to control sun burn that is sunscreen moisturizing lotions have tested and the results shows that several common moisturizing creams have been shown to promote the spread of skin cancer and the growth of tumors in mice exposed to UV radiation.

Now you worried about it what you are using is safe for your skin or not does this mean you need to run away and forget all you have learned? We are offering such information to make you safe from the big skin problem. Sometimes your treatment for sunburn resulted in the generation of non-melanoma skin cancer so apply safe skin products for healthy skin.Via

Facial Steaming Solution Of Many Skin Problems

Facial steaming is the one effective way to pamper your skin this method is the most effective way to get clean and beautiful skin from ancient time facial steaming is best to make you beautiful because this is the best way to cleanse the skin, removing dark spots and also makes you free from the problem of acne and blackheads so it is best to apply facial steaming once in a week because this is an excellent precursor for your facial mask. Sounds good? Check more to learn about best filler for face volume

All these skin problems are reduced by facial steaming because it performs many beneficial function on skin like facial steaming opens pores of the skin, removes dead skin cells this improves circulation, facial steaming performs deep cleansing so help to diminish the major skin problem includes acne and blackheads. In modern times steaming treatment are also provides you at salon or you can apply facial steaming at your home best for your skin care.Via

Biggest health issue of today is Swine Flu this is a viral diseases increasing rapidly and now this health problem is global so the word Swine Flu is very common nowadays so it is very necessary to know about the disease so Swine flu is an acute and highly infectious respiratory disease it is a viral disease caused by orthomyxo virus and this same virus also causes the problem of influenza pandemic.

The disease is also known as novel influenza (H1N1) the disease is increasing internationally from United States to many countries. To solve this problem CDC now in action the main goal of CDC is to reduce the problem of Swine Flu by taking aggressive actions Reduce transmission and illness severity and also supply information to help health care provider’s public health officials and the public address the dare posed by this emergency. The process of making vaccine against Flu is under process till then try to cancel your foreign tour.